Myths about security myths

Myths about security myths

There is no security myth; security is crucial for citizens and society.

It is popular to talk about security utopia or security myths or that 100% security can never be realized. Security seems to be something unattainable and not something that has to be pursued. It is inconceivable that all people in all places can be safe and secure. A good cost-benefit analysis should be made before security measures are implemented. There is too much money spent on too few security risks. Powers no longer need to be extended, the security threat is still small. Security is really just a subjective judgment while the objective security is actually better. Security is increasingly being put into perspective.

This development is of course useful. It shows us the need to constantly argue why certain safeguards are necessary. As fundamental rights of citizens are restricted, it is necessary to do so on the basis of good facts and a correct analysis. If a lot of money is being spent – especially in the current situation - it is important to know exactly what it is being spent on. Security precautions should actually achieve results because otherwise they makes little sense. Deadlines must be realistic. Not only objective but also subjective safety must improve.

But applying too much perspective has shown some dangers. After years of delay, there is now sufficient political and public attention for security and safety. There are sufficient powers for all organizations involved. There are sufficient funds to achieve an adequate level of security. Security is a little long-winded. The necessary changes in security organizations are taking a long time. Structural changes in the behaviour of people take even longer.

This means that it is not desirable to create too much perspective. It is also a myth to assume that security will somehow be achieved. We have not landed in paradise and that will take centuries. Until that time, a realistic security policy is required. We must not strive for maximum security but for optimum security. Optimum security is providing security as far as possible for the needs of citizens in a given area at a given time. This requirement will also change in the course of time.


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