About the Leiden Law Blog

The Leiden Law Blog is published by Leiden Law School, Leiden University, the oldest and highest ranked law faculty in the Netherlands.

The Leiden Law Blog stands out by responding to current news and developments related to law, while also focussing on the research conducted at our faculty. All authors – both staff and students – are all affiliated to Leiden Law School.

Blogging is done on a personal basis and the author is responsible for the content of the blog.

Submitting a blog

Only students and members of staff affiliated to the Leiden Law School can submit a blog. Send a mail to acquire more information or use the contact form below. Students must acquire prior permission from their supervisor or a faculty member of staff who has read and approved the blog.

The coordinator or editor-in-chief will then forward a document containing the requirements for a profile and a contribution to the Leiden Law Blog, such as the maximum number of words.


Questions or suggestions? Please use the comment function or fill in the contact form.